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Kundalini Yoga Fest Odenwald 2021

Kundalini Yoga Fest mit tollen Workshops und Events mit verschiedenen Lehrern und Künstlern. Neue Location: Hof Herrenberg, Brombachtal. Verschoben auf 2021!


Sat Nam Fest East – Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival 2021

AUG 04, 2021 - AUG 08, 2021

Sat Nam Fest is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy, challenge and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga, sacred chant, healing, creativity and a discovery and return to your self. Come Home to Your Heart at Sat Nam Fest.


Music is the core of the Sat Nam Fest experience.  Our magnificent musicians carry us along on the sacred sound current, continuously harmonizing and vibrating the naam in waves that wash over us in pure bliss.  Kundalini Yoga’s music is shared with a depth of grace and devotion, you will be swept away.

During concerts, and as live music during yoga classes and workshops, musicians take the Sat Nam Fest experience higher and higher…to infinity and beyond.


We’re bringing you more teachers and yoga classes than ever before, giving you an ocean of possibilities to expand into bliss. Every yoga class takes you higher, elevating your consciousness, opening your heart, bringing you closer to your inner Sat Nam.






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